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Scotland’s timetable for easing Covid 19 restrictions

Covid 19 update

The Scottish Government have released a timetable for the easing of Covid 19 restrictions. We here at Alba Experiences have decided to add this to our blog so that our followers can stay updated on the current events in Scotland. This is a guideline and due to the unpredictability of the coronavirus, it could change but it allows people and businesses to plan for the future. If all goes to plan Scotland as a nation can be put down to Level 1 at the start of June. By the end of June, the Scottish Government are hoping to move down to Level 0.

If the guidelines were to change we will update this blog to keep you all updated.

12th – 15th March

  • Up to four adults from up to two households may socialise outdoors. Four 12-17 year olds from up to four households may socialise outdoors.
  • Non-contact outdoor group sport/exercise permitted in groups of up to 15 people (for both adults and 12-17 year olds). 12-17 year olds can also take part in other organised activities in groups up to 15. Travel across local boundaries to participate allowed.
  • Return of remaining primary school pupils and senior secondary school pupils part-time.

24th March

  • Communal worship can take place in a place of worship with up to a maximum of 50 people.

2nd April

  • Stay at home measures become stay local – travel within local authority for a non-essential purpose allowed.

5th April

  • More retailers and click and collect permitted to open.
  • More university and college students to return to in-person teaching.
  • Hairdressers and barbers can reopen (appointment only).
  • Outdoor contact sports for 12-17 year olds resume.

12th – 19th April

  • All pupils back at school full-time.

26th April

  • Up to six persons from up to three households can meet outdoors. Six 12-17 year olds can meet socially from six households outdoors.
  • Travel within mainland Scotland been granted.
  • Up to four people from two households can meet indoors in a public place such as a café or restaurant.
  • All shops, stores and close contact services can open.
  • Hospitality venues like cafes, pubs and restaurants can open until: 20:00 indoors (no alcohol) 22:00 outdoors (alcohol permitted).
  • Non-essential childcare permitted.
  • Non-essential in-house work permitted.
  • Tourist accommodation to reopen (self-catering accommodation to be restricted in line with rules on indoor gathering).
  • Driving lessons and tests can take place.
  • Funerals and weddings including post-funeral events and receptions can take place with up to 50 people (no alcohol).
  • Gyms and swimming pools can reopen for individual exercise.
  • Indoor attractions and public buildings such as galleries, museums and libraries can open.
  • Takeaway food can be collected indoors.

17th May

  • Up to four people from two households can socialise indoors in a private home or public space.
  • Hospitality venues can open until:

22:30 indoors (alcohol permitted, 2 hour dwell time)

22:00 outdoors (alcohol permitted)

  • Outdoor adult contact sport and indoor group exercise can restart.
  • Cinemas, amusement arcades, and bingo halls can open, subject to capacity constraints.
  • Small-scale outdoor and indoor events can resume subject to capacity constraints.
  • Universities and colleges can return to a more blended model of learning.
  • Non-professional performance arts can resume outdoors.
  • Communal worship increase, subject to capacity constraints.

Early June

  • Up to six people from up to three households can socialise indoors in a home or public place.
  • Up to eight people from three households can socialise outdoors. Eight 12-17 year olds can meet socially from eight households outdoors.
  • Hospitality can remain open until 23:00.
  • Attendance at events can increase, subject to capacity constraints.
  • Indoor non-contact sport can take place.
  • Increased numbers at life events and places of worship subject to stakeholder engagement.
  • Casinos, funfairs and soft play can open, subject to capacity constraints.

End of June

  • Up to six people from up to three households can socialise indoors in a home or public place.
  • A phased return of some office staff.
  • Events increase numbers subject to capacity constraints.
  • Increased numbers at life events and places of worship.

Unfortunatly we have been given no updates for when international tourists are allowed back into the country and whether they are allowed to travel without having to quarantine. We have emailed the advice team at Visit Scotland and this was their response to our queries.

”Unfortunately, we have no further information on what the specific guidelines will be, however, please be assured that the Scottish Government is currently liaising with sector organisations to finalise this guidance and are aware of the need to get this out as soon as possible. As soon as we get any further information, we will publish this on the news section of our website”.

For more information please click on this LINK which will take you to the Scottish Government website.