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The 2-Day Outlander Experience

Quick Details

Private Experience Up to 6 People

Travel through the ancient glens and discover hidden castles and villages where Jamie and Claire shared their adventures!

Come and join us for this epic Outlander experience, which is a must for every fan of the hit TV series.
• Day 1 – Culross, Blackness, Midhope, Glencorse, Hopetoun
• Day 2 – Doune castle, Drummond gardens, Tibbermore Church, Falkland, Aberdour Castle, Dysart Harbour


Day 1 – Culross, Blackness, Midhope, Hopetoun House, Glencorse Kirk
Our adventure starts at the beautiful village of Culross which was the perfect setting for the fictional village of Cranesmuir. Explore the cobbled stone streets, which was home to Geillis Duncan and her ill-fated husband, Arthur, and admire the stunning views over the Culross Palace gardens where we see Claire and Geillis chatting and picking herbs in Season 1.
We will then take the short drive to Blackness Castle that was used for Fort William scenes in Outlander. This is the location where our hero Jamie was brutally flogged by the sinister Jack Randell. Scale the castle walls of the ‘Ship That Never Sailed’, and enjoy the sweeping views of the Firth of Forth.
We then travel towards Midhope Castle which is an essential for every Outlander fan as it was the site for Jamie’s home Lallybroch. Walk around the courtyard and remember some of the most iconic scenes from Outlander.

Our next Outlander location will take us to Hopetoun House which boasts one of the finest examples of grand architecture in Scotland. It has featured many times in our favourite Tv show, doubling in as the stately home of the Duke of Sandringham, provided the backdrop of Parisian streets, a room in Jamie and Claire’s Paris apartment, the Hawkins Estate, Ellesmere and the stables at Hellwater.
Our final Outlander location of the day will take us to the Glencorse Kirk. This charming little church is where Claire and Jamie tied the knot in Season 1 and is a huge favourite with our guests.
Please note that a visit to Glencorse Kirk is by appointment only. If it is not available to visit on day 1 of your tour we will try to arrange for day 2.

Day 2 – Doune castle, Drummond gardens, Tibbermore Church, Falkland, Aberdour Castle, Dysart Harbour
Day 2 of our tour and we will head north into the heart of Scotland towards the stunning Doune Castle that was the site for Castle Leoch, home to Colum Mackenzie and his clan in the 18th century episodes in season 1. This impressive 14th century building is heaped with history and is one of Scotland’s most famous film locations. Free audio guides are also available to tell you how the castle was used in Outlander narrated by Sam Heughan.
We continue our drive north towards the beautiful Drummond castle, which is famous for its 17th century Scottish Renaissance gardens. These gardens were the perfect setting for the gardens of Versailles in season 2 where Claire and Jamie unexpectedly come across “Black Jack” Randall.
Our next location will take us to Tibbermore Church which was used for the scene of the infamous with trial. Dare to stand in the footsteps of Claire and Geillis in the church pulpit.

In the afternoon we will then arrive at Falkland, which was the site for the 1940’s Inverness scenes in season 1,2 and 4. Walk through this charming village and you will instantly recognise Mrs Baird’s guesthouse and Jamie’s fountain. The covenanter Hotel became Mrs Baird’s guesthouse, the Bruce Fountain was where we see Jamie’s ghost, and the back streets were turned into 18th century Inverness where we see Claire gathering her medical supplies before the Battle of Culloden.
Aberdour Castle doubled in as the Benedictine monastery, Abbey Ste Anne de Beaupre, where Claire and Murtagh brought Jamie to recover from his ordeal at the prison with the Old kitchen and Long Gallery used for filming. This beautiful ruined castle is amongst the oldest masonry castles in Scotland and is truly a hit favourite for our Outlander fans.
Our final location will take us to Dysart Harbour which became the perfect setting for the French port of Le Havre where Jamie and Claire make their escape to France. Enjoy a dram of whisky overlooking the jaw dropping views of the Forth and Edinburgh as we bid you farewell.