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A Year Of Celebration In Scotland

What a year 2022 has been already in Scotland. Finally we are out on the road running private tours all over the Scottish Highlands with happy clients who are visiting this country. Some of these tours have been planned for the past four years and it is an amazing feeling to be involved creating these fantastic memories for all of our visitors.

We have already driven more than 7000 miles since the start of March, visiting some of the most iconic locations that Scotland has to offer. We have taking our guests to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Speyside, Glencoe, Loch Lomond, Kilmartin and Inverness. We have also jumped on many ferries visiting the beautiful Isles of Orkney, Lewis and Harris, Skye and Arran. We have climbed mountains, danced a Cèilidh (or two), blended our own whisky and listened to Burn’s poems. What a joy it has been as not only are we visiting these amazing locations all over the country but we are also bumping into many familiar faces on the road that we call good friends. The true highland hospitality is on show for everyone.

A visit to Loch Lomond

The Spirit of Scotland tour

One of our highlights had to be our visit to the Culloden battlefield on the 16th of April 2022. Our guest Erika, based her entire trip of Scotland surrounding this one important date as this was to be the 276th anniversary of the battle. Our friend Erika’s ancestors who are called the MacGillivray’s, fought with the Jacobite’s on the battlefield on that fateful day, so it was an extremely emotional event for the both of us just to be there. There was close to 2500 people that attended the memorial service, which gives you an idea of the importance of Culloden to people from all over the world.

Our visit to Castle Stalker

Erika and James at Castle Stalker.

The Culloden Battlefield memorial

The Culloden Battlefield memorial

Later that evening we attended a Scottish Cèilidh where we danced the night away and shared a few drams with the rest of the guests which was really good fun. We were really spoiled when the chieftain of the MacGillivray clan played some Jacobite tunes on the dance floor. What an honour it was to be able to sit down and listen to these old Scottish Bagpipe tunes that were played on the morning of the battle itself before the orders of the Highland charge were given. It will be something that I will never forget. We are extremely thankful to share these memories with Erika and we are already looking forward to her next visit to Scotland in 2024.

We have had many amazing experiences with our guests over the past few months and I am sure there will be many more stories to tell throughout the year. We have the Edinburgh Tattoo and Fringe Festival as well as the St Andrews Golf Open and many Highland Games all over the country to look forward to.

A visit to Hopetoun House

Our guests enjoying a visit to Hopetoun House.

What are you looking forward to the most on your upcoming visit to Scotland?