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The Braveheart Experience From Edinburgh

Quick Details

Group Tour Maximum of 7 people


Follow in the footsteps of two of Scotland’s legendary heroes, William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. These warriors fought during the 13th and 14th centuries during the battles of Scotland’s wars of Independence. Climb the steps of the National Wallace Monument to view the famous Wallace sword and scale the walls of Stirling Castle, which provided the backdrop of two of Scotland’s most famous battles. We will also learn how the battles took place by visiting the Battle of Bannockburn Visitor centre.

Tour highlights

• The National Wallace Monument
• The Battle of Bannockburn Visitor Centre
• Stirling Castle


Your route north to Stirling is one which has been used for thousands of years by invading armies. The English armies used it during the Scottish Wars of Independence and we will be discovering why this area is so important in Scottish history. As you approach the city of Stirling, the castle dominates the skyline. Known as the ‘Key to Scotland’, for centuries this was the most important castle in Scotland to hold. To the north is the 220ft high tower of the National Wallace Monument commemorating Scotland’s great hero William Wallace, played by Mel Gibson in the Oscar-winning movie Braveheart. To the south are the battlefields of Bannockburn where Robert the Bruce led his armies to victory over Edwards II and his men.

Our first location we will visit today will be the National Wallace Monument. One of Stirling’s most distinctive landmarks, overlooking the scene of Scotland’s victory at the Battle of Stirling Bridge on the 11th September 1297.This is a place where history is something you can touch and feel, as you follow the story of Sir William Wallace, patriot, martyr, and Guardian of Scotland. Soak up the history and stunning views from the Wallace Monument, perched high on the Abbey Craig around where Wallace camped before his heroic battle.

Soon after, we will be visiting Stirling Castle that provides awesome views over the Forth Valley and the historic battlefields. Stirling Castle is one of Scotland’s most historic sites, which was home to the Stewart kings and queens throughout the centuries. Highlights include the Great Hall, Chapel Royal, The Regimental Museum, Great Kitchens, Tapestry Studio and the Queens Palace, which your guide will be happy to take you through. You can also enjoy a lunch at the Unicorn Café, which offers a range of hot and cold drinks and food.

Our next visit will take us to the Bannockburn Visitor Centre where we will learn about the famous battle where Robert the Bruce raised his standard in 1314 and gathered his men to take on the might of the English army led by King Edward II. Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with medieval warriors whilst learning about the tactics of the two opposing kings in a truly immersive experience. Witness the sights and sounds of medieval battle first-hand including ancient battle strategies, weapons and armour. Each tour culminates in a visit to the Battle Room. Here, you will witness Bruce’s decisive victory against all odds before taken the opportunity to recreate the Battle of Bannockburn and take command of the virtual battlefield. After your tour, we will take the short journey back to your accommodation.